2 Natural Tips on How to Remove Acne Scars Completely

Published: 16th March 2011
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So you cured your acne. Hopefully the acne will not return to haunt you? But what about the ugly scars left behind as a reminder of your cured acne. You have two choices. You can see your skin specialist for a dermatological procedure which would cost a lot of money. Or you can continue reading this article as I am going to share with you the 2 natural tips on how to remove acne scars which will cost very much less.

1. Lemons - Soak a cotton bud with fresh lemon juice and rub it lightly over each acne scar on your face. Then lie back and let the lemon juice get absorbed into the acne scars for fifteen minutes. After that just rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry. Do this once in the morning and another one in the evening. You will notice that the lemon juice has a bleaching effect on your scars. The acne scars will get lighter and lighter with every treatment. After a few months the lemon juice will work its magic and completely remove acne scars. However do not apply the lemon juice to the unscarred areas of you face. The lemon juice is highly acidic and can make your skin very dry.

2. Cucumbers - Cucumber juice is also an excellent bleaching agent. However unlike the lemon juice it does not dehydrate your facial skin. It can therefore be used on the scars as well as the rest of your face. You can do this procedure in the evening after the session with the lemon juice. Simply cut about 1/2 cm of the cucumber so that you have a round layer. Cut two layers of cucumber. With this two round layers of cucumber rub it all over your face. Take care not to rub your eyes. You will feel a cool and soothing effect on your face. Just leave the cucumber juice to dry on your face while you sleep. You will wake up with a soft and glowing skin. Do this for a few months and your acne scars will vanish.

The above are 2 natural tips on how to remove acne scars completely and which will not cost a lot of money. In fact the two things can easily be found in most kitchens. Otherwise you can get them cheaply at your local market or supermarket. Do the 2 tips consistently and diligently everyday and after a few months you would be amazed that your acne scars are gone forever.

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